Day 5: Something Smells Fishy 🐟

Nobody is as flawless as they seem. Call it a vendetta, but I am here to Nancy Drew the whole situation. While everyone has those unique tastes in either humor, intellect, or appearances, which sets them apart from their peers, there will definitely be 100 percent guaranteed vices (which may or may not be kept hidden).

If it hasn’t been displayed yet, this whole project is a testament to the love affair that I have allowed myself to fall into. I love myself and I love that. Perhaps it's the resurgence in the self-assurance era, but the efforts are definitely undeniable.

Some seek validation of random groups over the Metaverse, some do it quietly in their mirrors. I am DEFINITELY a fan of the latter technique. I did some things which I shouldn’t have, but please be assured that all will be revealed in good time. :)



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