Day 4: Change your colors in a million ways!

It’s that time of the year where I revisited some of my favorite music artists. Avril Lavigne, Natasha Bedingfield, Kimberley Tell, amongst a few more. DM me, if you would want a list and spread it around like a fandom munching on juicy (yet somehow, VERY ACCURATE) spoilers. However similar this profile would be in a non-GOSSIP GIRL® WORLD is beyond me, but I wish to share something else with ya’ll.

I had been a GOOD BOY as you might’ve understood in the last day’s post. I would do what I was told *wink**wink*. Yet, I felt the need to change me everywhere I had been. That became a performance of my life. I was glad to be thrust in a way I had been. Do YOU not think?

There have been times, where “WOKE SIS” has been extremely manufactured about your fluidity. I wish not to go to the Gender Debate at the moment because it’s

A Vast

B Really. Tons of Articles out There.

C I’ll give you a better juicy deet about it. But only, IF you’re Naughty 😉😉 or NICE (HAHAH!). See what I did there?

But, I ask you WHY NOT. What’s wrong with changing skin. I AM SORRY! But WHAAAAAAAAAT? 🤯😵🤯😵. I love being fluid. Not just about myself. But with I present to the world.

Please bear with me. I come with no ill to my sisters who are not yet well versed with such new forms of “lifestyles”. There’s a time for everyone to learn, where you can be vulnerable to them and they to you! Probably over some “alternative lifestyles” objectives.

Changing skins as a chameleon has never been as easy for someone, who feeds on love, respect, AND DEFINITELY fear off of people. I enjoy the extra screen time and I love how effortlessly my stints would work. I enjoy socializing is what I mean, in a nutshell. But we can go to the other fun and spicy side as well. *wink*😉.

But why do people sleep on us chameleons, when we produce most of the goods and SERVICES! Look at yours truly, and of course all the musical artists I mentioned above. I’ve come to adore Kelly. Such a Journey! Would you recognize the “Since you been Gone” American Idol season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson as the new judge on this season of Voice and spitting bars out their out of Ariana’s work in her latest talk show? What critics call this raw talent — “PHENOMENAL

I wonder why we are still not talking about these women with raw talents being chameleons. If so. Are we not a product of what we love and what we consume daily. Perhaps even taking inspiration and falling in love with how we see a human is made on TV.

CANCEL ME! I dare you!

If what I choose for myself, is an issue for anybody else, who shouldn’t have ANYTHING in my BUSINESS, I’m sorry, you gotta move.

I wish to be PRETTY at all times. Meet me and you’ll know. And I love being kind; lovely; adorable; FUN; everything you would and wouldn’t expect out of me. I enjoy that. I miss that. That is what it is ALL about. Leaving our inhibitions and just settling down in the reality of what you are is amazing.

I must admit, this “ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE” is really fun!!!! Hehe! 😂😂. But it isn’t just about fun. It is also about how I wish to tell people how adapting and changing once in a while is not as much shittier for me as being static. It simply doesn’t show commitment. It will also show tons which you would peel. A modern-day Inception, if you will.

All my Leo fans give me a hi-five ✋.

I love being the center of your world. And most importantly MY WORLD. I’ve never been the SIDEKICK in my LIFE and I SHALL NEVER let that happen to me!!! hihi 😆😆.

So why not change your colors in a million ways and stream Natasha’s Bedingfield’s Neon lights and Pocketful of Sunshine.

LY FAM!!!!



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