Day 3: Pop the Corn and Feed the Children.

Backing off from yesterday, sex is power. I also professed my pedestal as an amalgamation of the three Brides of Dracula. Knowing it, my life has harmony. Not only do I feel emancipated from the social structures which have bound me most of my life, but I also actively participate in changing the narrative built around me.

I used to be scared. It was ingrained in me. Good boys study; Good boys stay at home; Good boys do what they are told. Come to think of it, I AM a good boy. An assertive attitude is a dangerous territory. To put your foot down, you have to make do with what life gives you and command expertise in the most viral trend of the century; self-sufficiency.

I am an enchanter. I lure the fishermen in with my siren-like appeal. Only when they are close enough do they realize the fallacy of the Fata Morgana. The masses have varied accounts of what might be. Some say it’s the voices of the tailed creatures — notes of a medieval language engulfing them in this sonorous experience. Others, who unfortunately cannot think beyond their genitals have are attracted to a body they must have no claims to be.

If I were to be asked, I would blame this obsession on the basic human need and therefore the nature of exploration. I believe that as humans, we are plagued with identities. Our desire to discover a precise fit assists in conceiving various phenomenons yet jailing others with our particular notion of the new event in motion.

Now, I would share a piece of news that has been making me giddy for a while now. I am leaving town. Shifting to my comfort once more. Letting the emotional impulses take reign for yet another moment. At this point, I have decided to take in as much corporeal pleasure that a few miles have to offer me.

I have been hooking up with as many men as I set my eyes on. Mind you! I haven’t partaken in the art of Kama (just yet). Yet, the part of a seductress seems tailored to the truth for me. I kiss them and let them kiss me. I let their warm sighs unite with my palpitating body to produce a glorious phenomenon of its own. It must be interesting for my readers to know that it is the only occurrence I wouldn’t research on.

Why is that? The answer may be clear, though shrouded by many layers of vacant yet honest solutions. Is it because I am a self-proclaimed temptress? Perhaps! Is it because — MEN? That’s a witty one! But in all honesty, I simply do not feel the need to anymore.

I crave peace as much as I appreciate commotion in my life. Leaving this house has given me the liberty to take control of the city even if it is for a few moments. I currently enjoy the life of a nomad. I travel, I eat (both food and men), and revel in the basic pleasure that this town has to offer me. Please bear in mind that the narrator did lose himself to the city. Just a few pieces, though of premier quality.

The only reason which I know holds for me, is that I SIMPLY JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE! And with it, my baggage has come to an end. I’m liberated from the chains that others made for me and I know accountability. That is the reason why I have soiled many a bed with my dalliances.

Hence, what I do is pop the corn and feed the children. And I’m so proud of that. Because if it wasn’t for me, sex and sensuality would’ve been dead a long time ago. :)

Tranquility is a state of mind. Powerlessness is a state of action.



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