Day 1: Chocolate is as Sweet as the Sugar in it.

I have been meaning to curate a story about what goes on behind this person; who is he? I am at the age of 23 and everybody around me has amassed a prolific social presence; one that gives cute boys with non-conforming aesthetics a run for their money. At such a point, it does make sense that my crisis comes in early.

Don’t get me wrong, the past month, or perhaps for these few months, nothing had deterred me from achieving my daily goals. In a day, I work on my professional projects, study to write a Ph.D. proposal, and do a very light reading. This doesn’t in any way whatsoever mean that my life is sans Netflix. I’m pretty sure, the balance that I have attained is a source of envy to a lot of people around me.

I work as a freelancer for several firms. And no, it’s not ghostwriting. It’s more of a magnanimous display of expertise taking inspiration from my foothold subjects. Despite that, I have more than half a day with me, which I gladly sacrifice wandering aimlessly around the house, listening to music on Spotify. Even as I’m penning down this blog post, you must stay assured. ‘girl in red’ is indeed mumbling her sapphic poetry down these canals.

Personality is not just one singular aspect of a person’s life. I would like to define it as a more holistic way of incorporating your skills, your preferences, your experiences, your tussles, your immediate company at all points. I was talking to a friend couple of days ago. Not talking, but more of a presentation. A presentation of an elaborated and exaggerated narrative.

According to him, I am a pundit. Not a priest, but an eclectic pundit. I never take my fluid belief system from a single school of thought. Maybe that's the reason why people are enamored when they first talk with me. I know I’m pretty, but what makes me prett-ier is my mouth. My strategy has always been simple. Circle back. Circling back to gauge the tom-foolery that was just spat out by the other person.

I have been assertive in all the domains of my life. Even my Grammarly thinks so (I haven’t bought the premium yet, so DO NOT COME FOR ME!). Bonus points for always carrying receipts, which has become almost like second nature to me. A face-to-face conversation, therefore, gets easier for me to handle. I do not have to do anything. I generally don’t. I speak and contradict my words, though they are veiled gracefully by a web of thoughts crafted ever so delicately.

At the end of the conversation, my peers are enchanted. While I may be assertive, I have never held myself in the highest of regards. Yet, they do. I blame it solely on the way they aren’t able to comprehend. They get lost in the spider’s web similarly as a dewdrop evaporating. There is no proof, it was even there, but you saw it; it was beautiful; your visual sensors believed it; your peers believed it.

And so, people do believe me. The same may not be reciprocated, but they do. I had been toying with the idea of designing a creative outlet, which lets me speak freely and destroy any false mythology that might circle me. I would’ve used WordPress, but it stores my authoritative side; Wattpad is solely for my sexual experiences. I found medium, maybe a month ago and so, it is a fairly new territory for me which I intend to make mine.

So perhaps, I did take my friend’s advice seriously. Perhaps, it was the zeal to be higher than I already am. Whatever it may be, I cannot disagree that I became a pundit. But instead of just keeping my thoughts to myself, I am trying to expand to a cult; The Cult of Gennie. Sounds Scary! It must :)

They say Chocolate is as sweet as the sugar in it. A sad fact, I don’t even like chocolates. I resonate with Strawberries, misconceived yet never a regrettable decision.

As I said, I am always assertive. :)



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